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The Birth of Vetri D'Arte

Vetri D'arte was born in 1995 and has participated in numerous national and European trade fairs, continuously proposing new works. This is possible thanks to the continuous research that, associated with the passion of this millenary art, make Vetri D'arte the honor of true Made in Italy.

The works of Maestro Rossetti are already present on the international market thanks to the magnificent projects of the designer Anna, who is also strongly committed to continuously designing unique and high quality jewels in the most particular forms: from baroque, to contemporary, to abstract art.

In the small Burano Atelier you can feel every artistic inspiration: glass becomes magic. Colors and chromatisms of these works make it unique in the world.

Murano Glass Objects - Glass Master Giorgio Rossetti - Vetri D'arte

The Glass Master: Giorgio Rossetti

Glass Master Giorgio Rossetti - Murano Glass Processing

Giorgio Rossetti was born in 1972 in Venice, the son of a master glassmaker with 50 years of experience. From a very young age he began to follow his father's wise advice, learning the most varied techniques, from the processing of submerged gold and platinum leaf to glass blowing. After fifteen years of hard work, in 1995 he founded Vetri D'Arte with Anna Caverzan, now the master's wife, a designer of outstanding ability.


The Designer: Anna Caverzan

Anna Caverzan was born in 1974 in Venice. Since adolescence he has been passionate about art in all its many facets.
Through private studies, he trained as a designer and later decides to deepen the complex techniques of Murano glass processing and those of various precious fabrics (silk, cashmere and merino wool), skillfully woven to form stoles of rare beauty and value priceless.

Today he shares with the master Rossetti the passion and skills for the processing of Murano glass handed down from father to son, managing to design unique works in color and shapes, taking up motifs and styles from every historical period of art: from the Baroque, to the Gothic, to contemporary art. Every single work is therefore current, original, unique.

Anna Caverzan - Designer Vetri D'Arte - Murano Glass Objects


We specialize in working with incalmi in 24 kr gold leaf or 925 silver leaf to also create sculptures, lighting objects and furnishing objects. Through glass blowing we create glasses, cafes, vases, bowls, jewels (necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings).

Often these creations are worked in a second time with grinding wheels or excavated with diamond tips to create shapes with a unique design. All the works are hot-signed with our initials and the serial number to guarantee the customer the highest quality of Made in Italy.
Murano Glass Jewels - Vetri D'arte